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Welcome to Sunglasses Tribe.

We are creating a movement of positivity, joy-seeking and free- spirited inspiration for real people.

Who are real people?
Real people are twenty-somethings and beyond who are living real lives. People who have realized that there is always joy to be found in life, even when things around you might seem to be temporarily  less than. Real people are people who have gotten their hands dirty or their souls tarnished but realize that we have far more power within us than sometimes we let ourselves believe.

Sunglasses allow you see the world in a different light. Far from being a frivolous accessory, sunnies can give you a lift that no other item of clothing can. No makeup? Sunglasses to the rescue. Just off the airplane from a long haul flight? Throw on some shades and keep it moving. Nothing seems to fit today and you have to throw on your all black everything comfy go-to power outfit? Put on some rose gold mirrored aviators and strut like you mean it. 

Trying new eye wear can free you up from the worry about how you look and allow you to focus on the really important tasks of kicking ass and taking names in the rest of your life.

Combined with our social channels, we want this shop to be a community where we collect anecdotes and insights. We will share some pieces that we like and love the aesthetic of, and together, hopefully we can uplift and inspire one another.

If you're here just to get your next pair of sunglasses, thank you. You are supporting a small business owner who cares a lot about your experience here. If you have any questions for the team, hit us up at shop {at} If you came looking for inspiration, simple breathing space, and to get a little hit of positive energy, SUNGLASSES TRIBE also welcomes you.

Welcome to the Tribe,

It’s SO nice to meet you.
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The ST team.